Complete packages - used scaffolding

Now you can buy Germany's favorite Layher scaffolding as a complete package -  all necessary elements are included, available in all sizes and ready to go ! Just choose the right format and select the package that fits best to your individual needs.


Make your selection for your complete scaffolding package here:

252,9 m2 Layher SpeedyScaf, steel decks                 Offer price 5.328,40 €

long side: 24,56m long / 10,3m high                           excl. 19% VAT

PDF-Dokument [118.4 KB]

307,3 m2 Layher SpeedyScaf, steel decks                 Offer price 6.590,20 €

long side: 11,28m long / 6,3m high                              excl. 19% VAT

gabel side: 9,21 m long / 10,3 m high 

PDF-Dokument [123.0 KB]

403,2 m2 Layher SpeedyScaf, steel decks                 Offer price 8.658,00 €

long side: 32,78m long / 12,3m high                            excl. 19% VAT

PDF-Dokument [122.5 KB]
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