Services around scaffolding, ladders and rolling towers

We have all the Layher equipment you need.

Having a reliable supplier to suit your needs is evident for each business. Here you will find new and used Layher scaffolding systems, ladders and rolling towers. We offer top of the range products from the German leader brand. Complete packages or indispensable accessories at unbeatable prices - completely checked and ready to use. We take care about the whole buying procedure from material inspeccion to the logístic process - in order you can concentrate on your key business: running your company. Buy successfully with the Scaffolding Experts.


Here is what we can offer to you:


- Modular Layher SpeedyScaf scaffolding systems for the building sector and

  renovations works.

- Layher Allround scaffolding for industrial needs: Oil, Gas & Chemical Industry.

- Consultancy and professional services for Off-Shore assembly and naval maintanance.


Gerüst Experten

Layher Allround Scaffolding

Layher Speedy Scaffolding

We buy used Layher scaffolding, ladders and rolling towers.

No matter if you want to reduce the existing stock in your yard or sell your entire investment: We buy your Layher scaffolding, ladders and rolling towers at a reasonable price. Our worldwide operating sales team will find a beneficial solution also for your company. We help you to maximize your productivity and flexibility in a highly competitive market. Don't wait until it's too late. A forced sale or auction is definitely the worst way out.

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