Scaffolding Expert - The experts for Layher scaffolding systems, ladders and rolling towers.

Whatever the project - industrial requirements building   construction,  offshore  activities - Scaffolding  Expert  is  well  equipped  for  the job. We are the  globally operating supplier of new  and  used  original   Layher  scaffolding systems, ladders and rolling towers. With our permanent big stock of Layher SpeedyScaf and Layher Allround scaffolding  we can provide all your scaffolding requirements. 

You can now benefit  from our competetive prices, quick transport arrangements and know-how of complex scaffolding assemblies - We can look back on 15 years of international experiences. With our full-service you can focus on ensuring the successful, reliable and continuous operation at your customers' sites. Commonplace or special equipment: we will find it for you in our network - For the right price and "just in time".
Layher scaffolding systems, ladders and rolling towers. All our products are well known for their ultimate quality, optimum versatility, and complete cost efficiency.


Gerüst Experten - Scaffolding Experts

used Layher Scaffolding

used Layher Allround Scaffolding

used Layher SpeedyScaf


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